• Crochet Life

    This week

    I have been feeling the passing of time and the fragility of life with intensity this week. It’s another single parent birthday for the second born and Christmas is coming up. I want to…

    9th December 2018
  • Life

    Look for the blue sky

    I don’t really know where to start. Last week I heard a colleague say she was off instagram for a week – I overheard the rationale and I thought about how I’ve not been…

    6th December 2018
  • Life

    Everything about this

    I wish this picture was a real reflection of the week. It’s quiet and light and shiny (slightly dusty). I saw the light fall like this on Saturday and I am so pleased I…

    18th November 2018
  • Life


    The house is unnaturally quiet because the children aren’t here. I can’t sleep despite a definitive intent to do so, so I’m writing this list I thought about doing earlier in the day –…

    22nd October 2018
  • Gyoza dinner

    Gyoza and marathon

    I won’t lie, I get pretty sick of cooking every meal but this is our new healthy-ish fast dinner and the kids eat it ALL which is satisfying. Gyoza from the japanese supermarket, I’d…

    8th October 2018
  • Books by my bed
    Books Life


    As much as I like to borrow books I love to have them also. Everything about the stacks of reading material beside my bed is making me happy. In no particular order: The lost…

    7th October 2018
  • Picture of the book 'The Art of Falling apart"

    Back: This week

    I’ve gone cool on instagram. Again. It got to be too earnest a digital space for me to inhabit. I don’t want to consume there, I don’t want to participate in the glib, prosaic,…

    6th October 2018
  • Picture of R sewing

    This one was easy

    Just to set the scene of how I’ve started this post. Got the kids to bed, I’m sitting on the sofa, in the dark pretty much, I’ve got Love island on in the background…

    14th June 2018
  • Picture of a red shirt

    The good stuff

    I’m trying to think of a recent compliment. Two people said I looked really ‘comfy’ at work yesterday, I’m not sure that counts. Better than tired, I had to ban any comments whatsoever about…

    13th June 2018