• Picture of four leaf clover


      Right. I hadn’t found a four leaf clover EVER in my life until a couple of years ago, they were a rarity, almost the stuff of fiction. Then my life hit the arguable…

    29th September 2019
  • Plants

    A week of many beautiful things

    Things that came to light this week: :: looked at my iphoto and it’s a year ago this week I bought 3 VERY EXPENSIVE bees wax covered fabric alternatives to clingfilm from lakeland. I’d…

    28th September 2019
  • Crochet


      I’m going to try blogging again. I wasn’t great at doing it all the time when the kids were small but they’re not anymore and I liked it. I did! The general hiatus…

    15th September 2019
  • Screenshot of bookcovers I read in 2018

    Books I read 2018 part three

    It’s a day to myself today. So far I have: :: laid out a new baby blanket to dry (pictures to follow in another post) :: been out on a run (nearly passed out…

    30th December 2018
  • The front covers of the books I read in 2018

    2018 in books Part 2

    As a continuation of my last postĀ – here is Part 2 of what I read this year. “This naked mind” by Annie GraceĀ :: I ended up lending this one out, it made such a…

    24th December 2018
  • Picture of yarn ends


    Oh God was today too much. It started well. I got up, I coded – I’m pretty set on maintaining a streak of coding everyday (new coding – not work coding – sometime I’ll…

    23rd December 2018
  • Covers of books read in 2018

    2018 in books Part 1

    I set myself a goodreads reading challenge this year to read 40 books. I honestly don’t know how I’ve managed it. I have been next level tired and exhausted – but I think reading…

    21st December 2018
  • Crochet


    If I’m totally honest I’ve been feeling ALOT SHIT for much of December. Pip’s posts have been making me smile. BUT, discounting shit christmas tree/ leaking roof/ broken car/the fact I’m in the midst…

    19th December 2018
  • Crochet Life

    This week

    I have been feeling the passing of time and the fragility of life with intensity this week. It’s another single parent birthday for the second born and Christmas is coming up. I want to…

    9th December 2018