• Picture of R sewing

    This one was easy

    Just to set the scene of how I’ve started this post. Got the kids to bed, I’m sitting on the sofa, in the dark pretty much, I’ve got Love island on in the background…

    14th June 2018
  • Picture of a red shirt

    The good stuff

    I’m trying to think of a recent compliment. Two people said I looked really ‘comfy’ at work yesterday, I’m not sure that counts. Better than tired, I had to ban any comments whatsoever about…

    13th June 2018
  • Picture of Hannah Braime's The Year of You

    The year of me: My closest friend

    “Give back your heart to itself, to the stranger who has loved you all your life, whom you ignored for another” -Derek Walcott. I got an idea in Cornwall when I downloaded this book.…

    12th June 2018
  • Books

    Mark Manson

    Now, Mark Manson had dropped off my radar. A couple of years ago I applied to be his virtual assistant, but I never heard back, almost certainly because I don’t feel I ever got…

    16th January 2018
  • Picture of me reading


      Way back in the summer when everything was a big mess I had a booking at the house for two students to stay. The whole few weeks they were here were intense due…

    9th January 2018
  • Picture of granny squares
    Crochet Life

    Slow down

      I haven’t written here very much for a long time because 2017 made me not want to write at all. I’m relieved I wrote so little I felt so misaligned, but it’s the…

    7th January 2018
  • Picture of my feet on my run


    I was walking the dog the other day and bumped into one of the regular walkers I’ve seen intermittently over the last three years.   She asked me what exactly I was doing the…

    21st August 2017
  • Crochet

    The blanket of redemption

    I stopped crocheting for a bit. For me that’s a sign that something, in this case my all, is extremely awry. This craft has become for me as natural as breathing. I notice the…

    2nd August 2017
  • Instagram logo with the words Dopamine posted behind it.
    Crochet Life

    The #instasabbatical

      I’m going on an intentional instagram sabbatical from now through to the end of the summer holidays. That means I’m deleting the app, not posting and not checking in. I’ve been putting up…

    21st July 2017
  • Image of the headspace app logo

    Headspace Meditation

    At the start of 2017 I wrote a couple of things on the blog that I was going to try to do¬†with my year. The aim of those things are to put me in…

    7th April 2017