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Let our kids be kids

3rd May 2016

Ruby and George


Ruby and George didn’t go into school today as part of the Let Our Kids Be Kids Campaign against the current SAT’s testing imposed on our children. I’m tired of listening to arguments by the government that it’s simply an assessment that raises standards. The level they are expecting of 10 year olds puts a huge amount of pressure on teachers and sets children up to feel like failures.

I loved this story about Nick Gibb, the Tory education minister being unable to tell his subordinating conjunctions from his prepositions! Ha!

Whilst we didn’t make it to the rally in the park – something took over the house and everyone slept in until 8.30 in the morning (unheard of!) – we did all make it out to Birling Gap for a lunchtime walk with Rocco. Was it a deliberately educational day? Well, in the afternoon George went to his samurai training as usual (PE?!) and Ruby continued with her second crocheted mandala of the week (art and maths?!) so arguably they were developing life skills they’ll definitely carry through to adulthood. Then they ended up at the funfair for the second time this week and there they learnt how to spend their own money!

Birling Gap is stunning on bright clear days like today, one of my favourite places.

Birling Gap