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August 2016



29th August 2016



Melleiha Bay, Malta





We’ve been back almost a week now since our holiday in Malta. It’s been a slow one of readjusting our routine and balancing out the fatigue from the late night journey home. There’s been plenty of laundry and unpacking and staying home after our temporary suspension from real life but things are picking up again now.

A change of scenery, with no obligations and endless sun was exactly what we were all hoping for. A week of crystal clear water, the warmth of the sun, eating outside at dinner, exploring, boat trips and plenty of swimming was perfect.

I missed home of course, I missed my bed, proper sleep really, the mattresses at the hotel may as well have been made of wood, I missed ‘my’ food, the food that keeps me energised, but most of all I missed the dog. I missed his presence, it was strange to not have him close and I missed the rhythm and the routine of our walks together but after weeks of summer holiday juggling his needs and the childcare and trying to eek out a bit of time to run or catch up on chores, a break where none of that needed to be factored in was luxury.


Crochet and Books


We’ve gradually settled back in. I hadn’t crocheted on holiday but I’ve picked up my hook and written out lists of projects to get started on so the cro-jo is back. I am so excited to get started. The break has also let me add a number of titles to my ‘books read’ list and I’m closing in slightly more on my goal of reading 50 books in 2016 (currently standing at 19!) You can see what I’ve read so far here.


Back in my trainers


I also didn’t get any running in on holiday. I managed 15 minutes on the treadmill before nearly passing out in the heat, but since we’ve been back I’ve taken the dog out twice on trail runs. I’m trying to kill two birds with one stone by getting both out of the way. He slows me down but we get views like below and it feels worth it. I think I’d like to fit a trail run in once a week with him from now on, I’m hoping he’ll get better at it because at the moment it’s a bit too stop/start to be completely enjoyable but it could really free up some time once a week if I am managing to exercise the dog and fit in a run at the same time.




We’ve returned to beautiful days and evenings at the beach, walks down the promenade, food at the festival on Hove Lawns this weekend, sunsets and paddling. Today alone, I’ve headed to the Beach three times, our first visit with just the family, the second to meet friends for dinner and the third for a sunset run.




There is still over a weeks summer holiday left and I’m starting to feel like I need to try and squeeze as much time in with these two and not get so caught up with home stuff and other distractions.


My two at Brighton Beach