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February 2017


New blanket!

28th February 2017

Photo of a new grey and cream blanket


Here’s the progress on the new blanket I started yesterday. I’ve had a good nights sleep and I’m not feeling as flat out as yesterday, the stitching has made me feel better! I’ve never begun a blanket with a rib, now that I’ve done one I think I’ve got the building blocks for crocheting a jumper. They’ll be no jumper for a fair while mind, this is going to take far longer than I thought – I’d forgotten, while easier, stripes have more stitches than granny squares.

I’m following this pattern – I absolutely love the stitch definition that’s working up. I’ve never used herringbone stitch (the dark grey) before but it looks great and the texture of the row in light grey is really effective. I’m just 26 rows into a 126 row blanket though so I better keep at it if I want to get this done by the end of the week. I’ll hopefully make far more progress tomorrow and will be posting on here instead of instagram while I have my week off social. Honestly, I love sharing photos and looking at everyone else’s but it’s so much less ‘noisy’ the weeks that I don’t engage on there and I get so much more done.


Crochet Running


27th February 2017

Picture of Brighton marathon and crochet


I ran Brighton Half yesterday. My first event of 2017! I should be basking in glory or something or at least feeling slightly brilliant about it, but in truth I’m on the sofa with a hot water bottle next to the dog watching TV after almost 36 hours of nothing. And I’m pissed off I ran it in the same time to what I did 4 months ago. No real tangible improvement whatsoever –  that stings. Apart from making some soup earlier today I’ve done no cooking, no laundry, no housework, no dog walking…. it’s like I’ve had to check out entirely. It’s happened before, I finish something and feel beaten completely flat. If you’re looking for something inspirational here move right along. Today is not the day… this could potentially put you off trying for anything! Sometimes I finish something and feel that rising sense of achievement and happiness, but this time, I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy it and I’m pretty relieved I just did it and got it out the way. I’ve done something to my knee and I’m really worried it’s a bit of a problem for everything else I have planned and it pulled down the whole experience.


Picture of me after the Brighton half 2017


I wrote a longer detailed piece about it all, the race, those couple of hours, but I read it back and it sounded very much like very self indulgent whinging, which of course it is so I deleted it. Anyway it hurts quite a bit and has made for a very flat couple of days.

However, when you can’t read very much or concentrate on anything you can make something, so I’ve started a new baby blanket today. At least Monday has felt in some way productive.



20th February 2017

A picture of mist at Stanmer

I usually feel quite flat when the kids go back to school, the house feels empty and still and it takes me a while to re-adjust. None of that today, I was too busy playing catch up: catch-up running wise, trying to claw back miles after my 10 day stint of no running over the last couple of weeks and then catch up life stuff. I visited my nana for the first time in weeks and stocked up at the supermarket. Then it was suddenly 2.30 and the late afternoon rhythm of after school activities and dinner and clearing and reading of stories happened and here I am pretty much ready to hit the hay. I’ve not fitted in any coding, I’ve not dented my to do list whatsoever. I am still behind, but slightly more sorted for the week.

Still, I got in some miles yesterday and today and for that I feel sated. I’ve covered 143 miles since January and I’m only 8 miles behind now on my virtual challenge. Have I written about that? I’m running the distance from Lands End to John O’Groats during 2017, it’s a good focus to get me out there. This morning’s run, though slightly eerie because of the mist was pretty thrilling to be honest. I pretty much spend the whole run beaming (almost certainly completely internally, most running photos confirm that I adopt a definite running grimace.) Rocco and I get a good pace on now, he’s absolutely flat out this evening. Though I feel he’d take issue with running more than once or twice a week we run really well together now, I love watching him rush through the trees to my side and we’ve even got to the stage where I can stop him running into the dew pond every time. No doubt when the summer comes he’ll insist but then at least he’ll have an opportunity to dry off! When we run in the woods I feel happier than I can describe adequately, it’s fills me up. I have never had a dog before and there is something about running with him that seems to heighten our connection, we keep pace, I don’t lose him, it’s shared time and I sense we both genuinely enjoy it as much as the other. I guess if you run with your dog you will understand what I mean otherwise put me down as one of those dog people. I’m down with that.

So, no creating today really aside from a half hour whilst Ruby had her class and of course I’ll get a babette square in. I’ve counted I have around 50 squares left of that and once I’m finished up with that I’ve lined up another incremental daily project for a friend, another blanket but in a completely different style. My head is, as always spinning with ‘next ups’. Another day in and out the house tomorrow but looking forward to making headway on some new projects this week. I’ve got to stop thinking I can get all the things done in one day. One thing at a time. PATIENCE AMY!



Block Stitch Baby Blanket

11th February 2017

Rainbow coloured block stitch baby blanket


This week had an unusual rhythm. I’ve not run since last Friday (over a week ago) when I finished up in the first third of my long run wincing in pain on the bus home. I’d had track on the Wednesday, feeling lighter and easier than I have since I ever started the punishing weekly session that is running round at capacity. Then I woke up on Thursday morning and definitely felt something was up. Taking the kids to school and walking down the 60 or so steps sealed it. My left knee was excruciating, overnight I’d seized up and felt like my knee had twisted. I limped about all day ‘resting’ – but Friday, mentally I was ready to go again, however the legs were not, hence the bus ride home.

I wrote on an instagram I felt crushed. I did. Genuinely. Last week I registered for another half marathon and my first ultra. I can’t describe the combination of that anticipation of those events with the twisted pain of my knee using another word. It was a ugh crushed…. or rather an ‘uuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh ****s sake’ kind of crushed, not crushed in a broken hearted way but in an irritated ‘why can’t this just be the thing that works PLEASE’ kind of way. As I set one foot after the other slowly across Hove Park in agony I realised I had to give up any possibility of going any further. I felt cheated, of the exhilaration of a long run which I’ve come to rely on and incredibly nervous I wouldn’t get the chance to train properly for everything I’ve got coming up. Not only that but I was going to inevitably fall really behind in my virtual Lands End to John O’Groats challenge. When the bus took a left and my knee sent out shocks of nervous pain while I was just sitting there completely stationary the flatness descended and it’s not really left me all week.

Nothing works for me in the same way when I’m not running. It’s hard to explain. I lack a degree of focus I can only get if I’ve been working this body and these legs in that way. I had to accept I was going to stop for a bit though and there it was, time to get over it.

This was helped in part by the fact my friend from playgroup was coming to stay. By that I mean a friend I’ve had since I was three. Three! She came to stay with her baby on the Sunday and from there I was able to slip firmly into baby time. We slowed when her daughter needed feeding, we slowed when she was asleep. It threw me back to another time, not long since past. and I remembered those languid, slow and exhausting days I had with Ruby and George all over again.

After they left, I got started on this. Another friend, Laura, emailed me on Monday about getting a blanket made up for a friend’s baby shower. This saw me hooking like a maniac from Wednesday morning through to Friday.

It’s in block stitch, there are plenty of tutorials on pinterest, once I get my own tutorials photographed and written up I’ll link on here. It’s all done in various colours of style craft special dk. I think it’s turned out brilliantly, I love it.

Block stitch blanket


Here’s the corner and the border in more detail: Corner of the block stitch blanket


I worked back to front on the first round of the border which I did in a hdc stitch and then I turned the yarn on the second round so I was working from the front which I did in a dc stitch. I really like the ridged effect this gave.

Detail of the border for the block stitch blanket

Just a couple more pictures before I sign off.

Border of the block stitch blanket


Block stitch close up