2018 in books Part 2

24th December 2018

The front covers of the books I read in 2018

As a continuation of my last post – here is Part 2 of what I read this year.

“This naked mind” by Annie Grace :: I ended up lending this one out, it made such a huge amount of sense (I say, with a glass of organic tempranillo in a glass RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME) she’s got a good podcast to dip in  and out of too.

“The little big things” by Henry Fraser :: I LOVED THIS BOOK. This was an amazon recommends. Just pure inspiration. “There is no point dwelling on what might or could have been. The past has happened and cannot be changed; it can only be accepted. Life is much simpler and much happier when you always look at what you can do, not what you can’t do.” I wish I could employ this, but anyway I thoroughly recommend it as a read.

“Tiny Beautiful Things” by Cheryl Strayed :: Another beautiful book of letters followed by Strayed’s wonderful advice. I loved Wild. I love Cheryl and I read this paragraph at the exact right moment: “You’re looking for the explanation, the loophole, the bright twist in the dark tale that reverses its course. Anyone would be. It’s the reason I’ve had to narrate my own stories of injustice about seven thousand times, as if by raging about it once more the story will change and by the end of it I won’t still be the woman hanging on the end of the line. But it won’t change, for me or for you or for anyone who has ever been wronged, which is everyone. We are all at some point – and usually at many points over the course of a life – the woman hanging on the end of the line. Allow your acceptance of that to be a transformative experience. You do that by simply looking it square in the face and then moving on. You don’t have to move fast or far. You can go just an inch. You can mark your progress breath by breath. Literally. And it’s there that I recommend you begin” pg 113.

“Drink” by Anne Dowsett-Johnson :: This was a great book. There was an amazing vignette about Anne meeting Gabriel Byrne at a bar in New York while her heart was breaking. It was told so vividly  it’s really stayed with me and from that I’ve been devouring John O’Donohue poetry in “To bless the space between us” any time I have needed it.

“This is me letting you go” by Heidi Priebe :: I’m absolutely certain goodreads suggested this to me with good reason, but I genuinely can’t really remember anything about this read.

“Heartburn” by Nora Ephron :: she wrote ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ and ‘when Harry met Sally’ and got cheated on TWICE. Loved the light but incendiary writing and the description of the long necked harridan. I laughed. Painful but with brilliant acerbic wit.

“Aphrodite Emerges” by Susie Herrick :: this crowdfunded (HOW cool?) book was recommended to me by a good friend (HEY LIANNE!!!) there was so much good stuff that resonated for 70% of the book and then it tailed off. Worth getting though, it inched me further.

“The Upward Spiral” by Alex Korb :: advocates small tiny changes/decisions to pull yourself out of the worst downward spiral. Informative and helpful.

“The light we lost” by Jill Santopolo :: don’t remember anything about this book either. And that is not to say I didn’t read it???

“Rising Strong” by Brene Brown :: I got a pack of books sent to me from a friend living in Australia, this was one of them. My favourite ‘takeway’: “Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.”

“The year of less” by Cait Flanders :: I am unequivocally stuck in the consumerist cycle. When I worked at the school and had my asos delivery arrive (which I inevitably 9/10 sent back) the guy would say ‘one for Amy… AGAIN’. In some small way, the ability to purchase and have some agency in changing some of the landscape of my life has HELPED but I didn’t feel great about this observation. I do not need anything and I’d be interested in blogging on having/needing/working with less.

“What a time to be alone” by Chidera Eggerue  :: Erm… by someone younger than me that is alone, but possibly doesn’t inhabit aloneness in the same way I do at the moment. Don’t remember a great deal, the graphic design was great, I remember it being all over instagram and podcasts, that’s why I dipped in.

“Carry on Warrior” by Glennon Doyle Melton :: nothing eclipses her book. love warrior in my humble opinion but glad I read this.

“I hope this reaches her in time” R.H Sin :: it did. I shall return.

“This is going to hurt” by Adam Kay :: I saw this at Annelie and Leo’s flat in the summer. They had two copies, two copies in their place is enough to assure me it’s worth reading. I put it down as an audible read and on my way to my new work I jacked up the literary and walked through the park listening to this. It has got to be the FUNNIEST thing I’ve listened to in a long time, I was crying in multiple places. I can’t tell you just how brilliant or funny it is but FUCK ME IT’S HILARIOUS.

That’s part 2 done, I’ve got to do father christmas duty now. I’ve had another house emergency that saw me run from the church carol service earlier in the afternoon to disable the fire alarms but I’m pretty finished now. Be peaceful. Let your saniflo not runneth over. I am counting the minutes I can legitimately execute a move to the other side of the world.



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