Look for the blue sky

6th December 2018

I don’t really know where to start.

Last week I heard a colleague say she was off instagram for a week – I overheard the rationale and I thought about how I’ve not been on there to post or consume for a couple of months. It’s a whole other bit of writing to articulate the rationale. I feel it needs more deliberate explanation because I’ve been thinking about digital identity and the role social media plays in replacing necessary physical connection our primal ancestry requires and about whether or not I wanted it in my life.

I read around it ALOT and I thought about it to distraction until I did realise it is THE distraction in my life. I’ll get all my thoughts down another time. I did check in though, and as before when I took a break, ‘followers’ in the ether – many of whom I have been in touch with for years were checking in on the DM’s to see if everything was ok, a few knowing of course that everything had been very not ok.

So – against the advice of Jaron Lanier I have officially ‘left’ for now, very possibly forever and I wanted people to know so they didn’t worry, which of course is lovely. This space, where if you’re interested you have a real choice in consuming what I write about is here. This is my place.

I reckon I’ll just pop in here as often as I can and post links, thoughts and makes as and when, work and life are kicking my arse a bit if I’m honest but this can perhaps be a more productive distraction for me that doesn’t involve me endless scrolling. A place where I can share things I’m reading, thinking about and liking. I’m writing it as though I’m writing to a friend I suppose, or myself. I’m not actually convinced anyone except Lianne and Johanna have ever read my blogs (hey both!)

This came up at work today, I feel compromised at in some small way facilitating an ad for alcohol to go viral but it’s really powerful.



Watch it and weep. If you’ve had an emotionally intense week like me it’s kryptonite.

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