11th November 2015


If you’ve been following me on instagram you might remember that at the end of August I applied to do my first craft fair. I got accepted at the start of September for this weekend’s Fairytale Fair¬†at Brighton’s Open Market and it felt like such a looooong time away. Now, 10 weeks later I’m pulling everything together so that I am set for Sunday. It’s come around, as these things do a bit too quickly. There’s a lot of sitting on the sofa or at the kitchen table hooking and a hella lot of list making because I just keep thinking of things I *might* need or *should* make.

Today I am putting the finishing touches to a sign that I want to hang at the front of the table, something that I have just worked out will have taken about 10 hours all in all once I’m done (!) – probably not the best use of my time. I’m also hooking up the baubles you can see in the picture above which have been a surprise addition. I hadn’t tried out crocheted baubles until last Thursday, but, after posting on Facebook Friday morning they’ve been a bit of a runaway success with friends and family and I’ve sold 22 sets of 3 already. I’m hoping they’ll be similarly popular on Sunday.

This last week has been a bit of an ordering and sourcing week – a logo, a stamp, cardboard, bags, labels, tags, ribbons, cotton, business cards, stickers, greetings cards, baubles and display materials. I’ve been holding out for so long not wanting to spend a ton of money but now I’m just wondering if everything will actually arrive in time. I also would have hoped to have a bit more of a handle on how I would be laying everything out (I’ve not even done my mock up yet) and felt a bit more confident about my stock, I don’t feel I’ve made nearly enough snowflake decorations and I wanted to have done some cushion covers, scarves, brooches. Still, I’m all set for a next time and overall I’m looking forward to the whole experience. At the moment I’m just taking it step by step, stitch by stitch and I’ll see how things go.


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