Birthday doily

3rd December 2016

Unclose stitch detail photo of the birthday doily

In a week where I seem to have a lot of makes on the go, I started, and finished this doily. I use the word doily for want of a better word, mat is better perhaps. The idea is it will sit on my friend’s kitchen table, but I’m not sure if doily’s/mat’s are really her thing.

Overview photo of the doily

The pattern was from a chart on pinterest (there’s heaps of inspiration on there, but of course, having printed this out I’ve lost the link) and I used a 3mm hook with DMC Petra cotton. The colour itself is actually a bright orange but the camera failed to pick it up and editing it still doesn’t quite capture its vibrancy. It measures about 13″ in diameter. I have a bit of a love of the way the petals (?) flow and think it’s turned out nicely. I might make a few more as Christmas gifts,  It’s also motivated me to finish another mat I started months ago which will hopefully come together this weekend.

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