19th December 2018

If I’m totally honest I’ve been feeling ALOT SHIT for much of December. Pip’s posts have been making me smile. BUT, discounting shit christmas tree/ leaking roof/ broken car/the fact I’m in the midst of necessary life admin that is so stressful and frequently makes me cry (and then I suppose discounting people in my life that are actually very poorly or have recently passed away, – oh God, big deep breaths) I’m going to attempt some highlights:

** I made a bit of progress on random squares. I must crochet more. It’s indicative of how I am as a person if I’m not doing it.

** I watched Homecoming – I thought it ended brilliantly. Find it pretty amazing it came from a podcast. Great storytelling.

** I finished my 40th book of 2018. I’ll write a list of what I read.

** I bought the bullet journal method New York Times best seller. My life is going to TURN AROUND.

** Curry at Milk no sugar yesterday.

** I have been chipping away at the javascript tutorials on freecodecamp. I think it will be years but I want the certification, I am still dead set on getting good at programming.

** THREE carol concerts by both children. A real delight.

It’s not all bad. Can’t wait to start the bullet journal. I finish work today for the year and everything has been unravelling a bit. No more!

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