Books I read 2018 part three

30th December 2018

Screenshot of bookcovers I read in 2018

It’s a day to myself today. So far I have:

:: laid out a new baby blanket to dry (pictures to follow in another post)

:: been out on a run (nearly passed out after 2.5 miles)

:: had a smoothie with ALL the supplements and drank hot cacao

:: had a bath and read my magazine

:: cleaned the shower screen with citric acid (suprisingly effective, but OMG the water here is hard and I have not cleaned that thing properly in ages)

:: done some washing

:: mopped the kitchen floor

:: listened to “Becoming” by Michelle Obama on Audible while I have been doing all the house things.

:: BULLET JOURNALLING. I’ve only been doing it a week but it’s changed everything.

I’ve even meditated – determined to re-establish all my good habits that make me calm.

Anyway, books: last part. I don’t reckon I’ll read half as much next year as I’m focusing on getting fit and healthy again.

:: “Declutter your life” by Gill Hasson. Gill is my auntie so I got a copy of this. Good advice on starting small. I was far too tired when I read this but it’s about time I followed through on lightening our home. I have made progress since though.

:: “Ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now” by Jaron Lanier. The amazing Zadie Smith is quoted as saying “A blisteringly good, urgent, essential read”, I’ve read this and Katherine Ormerod’s “Social media is ruining your life”  and it kept nagging on and on at me. I just don’t want to be on there anymore – there are pros but a huge amount of bloody cons. I can’t remember the exact quote by Kate Tempest but we’re all self creating false digital identities. I read a Cal Newport email this morning that valued analogue social over social. I’m yet to exactly unpack why I’m not on there at the moment, but put it this way. I have way more time and feel much more in control of my attention. I didn’t like that I was sometimes mindlessly consuming content I hadn’t set out to.

:: “The strangest secret” by Earl Nightingale said to be one of the greatest motivational texts ever written, it’s extremely short and digestible and still relevant.

:: “The bricks that built the houses” by Kate Tempest. All the best people I know gave me books to read when my life fell apart and I borrowed this from a friend, I really enjoyed the way it was written and how it captures the essence of going out through language.

:: “Earth is hiring” by Peta Kelly in an effort to turn my life around Lianne bought me a ticket to this girls workshop in London on her worldwide tour. It took me bloody AGES to read the book the whole way through I just found it grating. A giant rehash of a million voices that have gone before BUT as Kelly said, it’s all about finding your tribe and finding who you resonate with and whilst I was fucking DYING for a glass of white wine the whole time we sat listening to what I conceived as fairly pretentious and ill thought out delivery all I will say is she simply didn’t resonate with me. I was bored.

:: “The little book of contentment” by Leo Babuta – ” he who is contented is rich” – I’m struggling with contentment at the moment. This was a lovely read and I love the zen habits blog. Recommend.

:: “The art of not falling apart” by Christina Patterson. I got this from waterstones with a gift voucher from work. I loved it. It ended up leading me to one of the loveliest days I’ve had in 2018 and 2018 has been HARD so for this I am very grateful.

:: “My thoughts exactly” by Lily Allen. I loved this. I loved the look of the book, I loved how honestly she described a clusterfuck of different experiences that left her so troubled and so vulnerable. I like her. I also want her jumper from the front cover.

:: “Small great things” by Jodi Piccoult. I listened to this on the way to work via audible, I thought I’d choose something a bit different for me. I am in total awe of Piccoult, her work ethic, her research, this was good, just not my cup of tea.

:: “Let go my hand” by Edward Docx. Not sure where to start with this. Anyone who’s heard me talk about this book or the author would probably caution against asking too many questions because I don’t stop talking. It made me laugh and cry and there were some brilliant scenes that have stayed with me. I thoroughly recommend it. I liked it so much I got a copy for the shelf at work and bought it as a birthday gift and got my mum to read it. So there you go.

:: “Solitude” by Michael Harris. Genuinely the best non fiction work I read all year, reminiscent of Susan Cain’s quiet. I love solitude. I need it to function and I have not respected that in the best way over the years. This book will stay with me.

:: “Little Black book” by Otegha Uwagra this book had a bit of an instagram fame moment earlier in the year and by virtue of being easily influenced on social media I read it. Possibly good for younger generations, it didn’t speak to me, I found it boring.

:: “First we make the beast beautiful” by Sarah Wilson great book. I wrote about it here.

:: “Thinking out loud” by Rio Ferdinand I thought this would be a helpful book but for a variety of reasons that I’ve got no real business commenting on it and won’t explore here it really agitated me. I will say I’m incredibly sad for his family and for their loss but I have to say this book sat uncomfortably with me. However if it opens up the conversation for men to be more forthcoming with their emotions I welcome it, it just wasn’t the book for me.

I realise that’s a really quick round up but it’s the best I can do right now. Done is better than perfect.

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