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A week of many beautiful things

28th September 2019

Things that came to light this week:

:: looked at my iphoto and it’s a year ago this week I bought 3 VERY EXPENSIVE bees wax covered fabric alternatives to clingfilm from lakeland. I’d just like to clarify – we have none of them left, I say this not to dissuade you from buying – they were for the kids packed lunch sandwiches -but just to let you know they gave no shits. Through no fault of my own and very much down to the disposable and uncaring standpoint of my own progeny – they’re in landfill somewhere. I smile, but beneath that smile is a lake of fury.

:: This week last year I booked a place on the 50k Weald Challenge for 2019. I didn’t end up doing it. Obviously way too optimistic. I remember the day it came up, I was in bed feeling sorry for myself –  Endurance/fitness wise, this year – not happening. That can’t happen again. I need my strong back and I’ve missed it enormously.

:: I turned 38. In honesty I have thought I was 38 for at least 6 months until corrected by both my children on a few occasions. Anyway, 38 turns round the sun. Had a great time with alot of people I’ve got alot of time for.

:: Obviously in that year got to the realisation I am fully into plants – you can track that on @disco_roots – plants are a fully reliable source of satisfaction

:: the dog needs an operation

Other than that I need to get my head round the new margins around the working day (which don’t seem to include natural light). I’m nerding on coding math after a recommendation in the mdn docs.

And I read Inheritance by Dani Shapiro: I picked it up on the way back from London the other week. It is incredible.

Also, the plants are new trandescantia mini’s from The Market Florist in the Open Market.