Ella Rae Seasons Hat

28th November 2016

A photo of a hat


This hat had a bit of a moment last week on instagram. I created it from Ella Rae Seasons Autumn mix by Black sheep wools. I think the gradation of autumnal colours got everyone in a bit of a flutter and it’s been the piece of work that’s received the most amount of engagement for some time.

It’s made with the same Hook Nook Pattern that I used to make another hat a few months ago. The pattern is easy to follow and since then I have made a few more and been experimenting with different yarns.


A photo of a collection of hats

This is the first time I’ve successfully made hats I would actually wear! They are definitely not an exact science as you will start to find if you ever get to crocheting them. Everyone likes a different fit and look so at the moment I am trying to get to grips with making these hats and others in different sizes and other patterns as I have quite the list of people asking me to make them one.

Last week I found myself sitting down to dinner completely defeated. I have so much I want to make, so much on the list and so very many other things I do and am interested in that I needed to unpick exactly how I would get to everything (on top of EVERYTHING else to do with EVERYONE else in the family) I’m still to definitively write down the very long list of everything that MUST get done over the next few weeks in the run up to Christmas (present buying, party organising, all the additional social stuff, the household stuff, the paperwork stuff, ALL THE STUFF) but I’ve worked out my crochet one. It seems as always like there is a huge amount to squeeze into very limited time and so I’ve been thinking a lot about time and how to organise it lately, what I squander my attention on and what I need to focus on. That’s another blog post entirely.

Photo of a hat being crocheted

In the meantime, I’ll be single tasking, trying to get as much made as possible, stitch by stitch and step by step. I plan to be here alot more too, it’s as much my accountability as my instagram for making but here there will probably be a bit more of a backstory that explains why I don’t make as much as I’d like to!

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