23rd December 2018

Picture of yarn ends

Oh God was today too much.

It started well. I got up, I coded – I’m pretty set on maintaining a streak of coding everyday (new coding – not work coding – sometime I’ll be good enough at this to start BUILDING) then I binge watched to the end of the Marvelous Mrs Maisel (I hate spelling this incorrectly). It feels like there’s been alot said about this show. I thought it was ALRIGHT. Her husband cheats on her, leaves her, she wears nice clothes and is marginally funny for her time. It should be behind a story of redemption but …yawn. I wish someone would produce an actual Joan Rivers biopic. I wouldn’t watch this again, it was mainly, for me, just an accompaniment to loads of hooking (see ALL the ends), it is just really glib.

Then it got the point of no return in the day where I needed to go into town to get the stocking fillers. Who else is going to do the stocking fillers? After today, let’s face it, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO TIME.  So I had to leave the house, there’s got to be something to take the edge off for for my second born that he’s not getting a Samsung galaxy (he left his letter for santa on the tree yesterday – can you believe that? When I said I thought it might be a bit late, he reminded me Santa is MAGIC [And I wanted to reply “Also total bullshit”])  There was a point, surrounded by quite an amazing cacophony of total middle class guff (Putin/Trump parody books… are they for the toilet??? Who knows??) lots of lovely lights and Frida Kahlo inspired rubbish and some cards for £8.99 on how to slow your life down that I looked around the shop I was in (it was RAMMED) and I decided to stop, kerbobbled what? I was done. I can’t think why I went to the same place I HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN ON A WAITING LIST FOR CHRISTMAS PAPER CHAINS (FFS) a few years ago but I do love so much of the kitchen stuff in there.

Anyway, once I’d given up I ended up buying boring food things at the supermarket and then RUGS.


Overwhelmed by consumption, I ended up leaving my rucksack and its contents in the rug shop but the rug guy thankfully found me a bit later staggering to the bus stop. Another mum friend joined me ten minutes later whilst we waited for the bus (I had no 3G to get an uber – what a first world problem) and the first words I said to her were “fuck this” to which she replied “I KNOW”.

A misty woodland walk with the dog followed.

Anyway. Merry Christmas.

I got myself a now tv subscription and I’m watching SMILF.

I shall be leaving the house to give the dog a run over the next two days but apart from that, I’ve got everything I need, the kids, the dog, food, books, games and a puzzle and a huge amount off yarn. My phone has been switched OFF for the next 48 hours. I just gave the kids their Christmas pyjamas – the softest onesies from M&S – both have complained because they haven’t got pockets (I genuinely felt a swell of pride) George has just lifted his bum and farted at both Ruby and my face, the Grinch is on, bring on some unit time. I’ll hopefully have a blanket to show the other side of the festivities.


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