11th January 2017

A picture of list making


Another week of the New Year!

:: On coding everyday, I have managed to sit down with my computer each day except Monday! I’ve not been especially successful but I have done it. Monday didn’t work, the schedule is tricky at the best of times. I had to fit my run in in the evening, in the dark, which isn’t my favourite but necessary if I want to fit it in at all. I think I’m going to have to get up earlier. I began the usual New Year tax return/sorting paperwork stuff on Monday at least, once that’s out the way I’ll have more time. Yesterday I went to a workshop where I met someone who codes in real life. I think that’s going to keep me going.

:: I read a book. Jarrett Kobek’s “I hate the internet”– it deserves it’s own post. The first book I have ever read with so much redacted material to comply with UK libel laws!

:: Not drinking. No drinking has happened. 11 days. I’ve had this as something I track for the last two years, being wiped and low after drinking a couple of glasses of something that’s supposed to be relaxing and fun (and it is at the time) has bothered me for a while. The last significant length of time without a glass of pinot noir or malbec was 57 days. Nowhere near, I think it’s only worked because I haven’t been out in the evening…

:: Guess what? More running. Any correlation? Nearly 40 miles. I signed up for a virtual challenge to run from Land’s End to John O’Groats to keep me motivated this year.

:: Meditating. This has been the difficult ‘big rock‘, although I’ve only missed two days (yesterday included) which I think isn’t bad because it hasn’t been something I have fitted in at all. I need to make sure I ‘sit’ in the beginning part of my day. I started writing my own rooted productivity page after the suggestion in Cal Newport’s email this week (worth a sign up) and worked out meditation comes most days after I’ve walked Rocco. However on Sunday I just ran out of steam, I didn’t wake before the children, we went to junior park run, then swimming lessons almost immediately after, then got the paper. I fitted in walking the dog between this and going to see my nana, I didn’t feel I had that 10 minutes, what I should have done is accept that and go for five. We always have five minutes. Once I got home both children were so edgy from doing too much it felt like we’d all been run down by a bus by the time they went to bed and it was early nights for everyone. On the days where the kids were at home, I explained I was going up to meditate. They get the general idea of meditation. George has discussion of it at ninja I think, Ruby knows I went to classes and we’ve used the “Enchanted Meditation” before, I seem to remember something about them doing it at school. What my children don’t understand if I am awake is how to be more than 6 foot away from me at any given time. I think it was the 2nd of January where, 6 minutes into a mindfulness of breathing meditation I heard little footsteps coming up the stairs to my room. George came in, I paused the meditation, reminded myself the whole idea is to be more present in life, explained I’d prefer if he’d not do this in future, but if he’d like to sit with me I could finish if he was quiet. He wriggled on my lap, he burped and then counted down to the end of my session looking at the phone app I use. The following day I had Ruby come up the stairs (within TWO minutes!) I heard her stop outside the door and wait, clearly wondering what to do. She needed a hairbrush which she eventually decided was quite important and after deliberating she walked in after about 1 minute (in fairness, all I could focus on were my thoughts about when she would come in.) On the whole though, I’ve made it a priority. Do I feel better? I feel more aware of how antsy and perpetually distracted I am.

:: Some crochet too, a hat and a babette update is on its way.

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