29th September 2019

Picture of four leaf clover


Right. I hadn’t found a four leaf clover EVER in my life until a couple of years ago, they were a rarity, almost the stuff of fiction. Then my life hit the arguable skids for a relative period of time (also termed by some as ‘the start of my new life’ – God so annoying) and I keep finding them ALL THE TIME. It’s got to the stage where I can give them away and KNOW I will find another. I reckon I’ve found well over 20 in the last two years. Twenty!

Take for example Friday, my work friend Tom, who I rate and was leaving to start work in London, he got a flat four leaf I’d pressed in the back of my phone case and phone to keep as a talisman. Good luck Tom! Here we are today… Sunday on the way to the train station and see above, I’ve got another.

Initially it was when I was running in the downs, I’d catch sight of one out of the corner of my eye and it would feel life affirming. Like something was trying to let me know everything would be ok.

Then I found bloody loads one day at the top of Blaker’s park. Almost felt like a massive joke because life did not feel like it was going very well.

I have a friend who said he didn’t actually believe mutant clovers mean the same for me as they do for other people.

Today I found that clover above, storied it smugly, bought TWO SETS of train tickets to London at the station moments later, left them in the machine and someone took them.

Then I had to buy some more.

What even is luck.




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