• Rainbow coloured block stitch baby blanket

    Block Stitch Baby Blanket

      This week had an unusual rhythm. I’ve not run since last Friday (over a week ago) when I finished up in the first third of my long run wincing in pain on the…

    11th February 2017
  • Photograph of a graphic style piece of street art
    Crochet Life Running This week

    :: This week ::

      :: Making :: Still just adding to the babette this week. No further progress to report on that. I’m hooking up a hat, continuing on with my scrap project —   It’s growing…

    29th January 2017
  • Picture of Jarrett Kobek's book 'I Hate the Internet'

    Jarett Kobek :: I hate the Internet

    I finished reading my first book of 2017: Jarett Kobek’s “I hate the internet”. It’s difficult to know where to begin, for reasons which, if you pick this book up, you will understand. It…

    25th January 2017
  • Photo of v stitch blanket
    This week

    :: This Week ::

    :: Making :: Aside from adding a square to the babette everyday (it’s getting ever bigger but still so far off) I have been stitching this single size v stitch blanket when I’m sitting…

    22nd January 2017
  • Life


      Another week of the New Year! :: On coding everyday, I have managed to sit down with my computer each day except Monday! I’ve not been especially successful but I have done it.…

    11th January 2017
  • Paper on the floor
    Life Running


      Earnest, new year, new intention post – be warned. I’m the type of person that likes New Year as a marker, it feels fresh and full of possibility, a chance to wipe the…

    1st January 2017
  • Unclose stitch detail photo of the birthday doily

    Birthday doily

    In a week where I seem to have a lot of makes on the go, I started, and finished this doily. I use the word doily for want of a better word, mat is…

    3rd December 2016
  • Photo of the side of the afghan babette blanket

    Afghan Babette

    One thing we don’t lack in this house is blankets, or yarn. In an effort to run down my style craft supplies (I have drawers full) I have started a ‘daily babette’. The idea…

    1st December 2016
  • Photo of the book Deep Work by Cal Newport

    Deep Work by Cal Newport

      People often refer to ‘game-changers’ and this book, has definitely been that for me. I heard about this title on the James Altucher podcast and after listening to the pod I watched Cal Newport’s TED talk…

    29th November 2016
  • A photo of a hat

    Ella Rae Seasons Hat

      This hat had a bit of a moment last week on instagram. I created it from Ella Rae Seasons Autumn mix by Black sheep wools. I think the gradation of autumnal colours got everyone…

    28th November 2016