• Photo of a new grey and cream blanket

    New blanket!

      Here’s the progress on the new blanket I started yesterday. I’ve had a good nights sleep and I’m not feeling as flat out as yesterday, the stitching has made me feel better! I’ve…

    28th February 2017
  • Picture of Brighton marathon and crochet
    Crochet Running


      I ran Brighton Half yesterday. My first event of 2017! I should be basking in glory or something or at least feeling slightly brilliant about it, but in truth I’m on the sofa…

    27th February 2017
  • A picture of mist at Stanmer


    I usually feel quite flat when the kids go back to school, the house feels empty and still and it takes me a while to re-adjust. None of that today, I was too busy…

    20th February 2017
  • Rainbow coloured block stitch baby blanket

    Block Stitch Baby Blanket

      This week had an unusual rhythm. I’ve not run since last Friday (over a week ago) when I finished up in the first third of my long run wincing in pain on the…

    11th February 2017
  • Photograph of a graphic style piece of street art
    Crochet Life Running This week

    :: This week ::

      :: Making :: Still just adding to the babette this week. No further progress to report on that. I’m hooking up a hat, continuing on with my scrap project —   It’s growing…

    29th January 2017
  • Picture of Jarrett Kobek's book 'I Hate the Internet'

    Jarett Kobek :: I hate the Internet

    I finished reading my first book of 2017: Jarett Kobek’s “I hate the internet”. It’s difficult to know where to begin, for reasons which, if you pick this book up, you will understand. It…

    25th January 2017
  • Photo of v stitch blanket
    This week

    :: This Week ::

    :: Making :: Aside from adding a square to the babette everyday (it’s getting ever bigger but still so far off) I have been stitching this single size v stitch blanket when I’m sitting…

    22nd January 2017
  • Life


      Another week of the New Year! :: On coding everyday, I have managed to sit down with my computer each day except Monday! I’ve not been especially successful but I have done it.…

    11th January 2017
  • Paper on the floor
    Life Running


      Earnest, new year, new intention post – be warned. I’m the type of person that likes New Year as a marker, it feels fresh and full of possibility, a chance to wipe the…

    1st January 2017
  • Unclose stitch detail photo of the birthday doily

    Birthday doily

    In a week where I seem to have a lot of makes on the go, I started, and finished this doily. I use the word doily for want of a better word, mat is…

    3rd December 2016