Running. Again.

17th October 2016

Me running Bright10


I’m back in “recovery” after another run at the weekend. I say that, but really I’m actually suffering from a hangover after drinking a bottle of wine after the run at the weekend. It’s the worst and yet most repeated post race strategy I’ve got. As I’m still cracking on with my 1000km in 2016 running challenge, it was good to get another 10 miles to add to the stack (I’m at 913km). I also beat my time from last year despite bad conditions which is always nice.


Me at Tough Mudder


I feel like I’m off the hook now. After the Great North Run at the beginning of September and then a few weeks later a Tough Mudder there’s nothing else going on for me except a 10k in November. The last three events I’ve participated in have all been 10-13 miles, all longish ones. Sunday’s Bright 10 was pretty hard, it was windy, cold and the week previously had been a good one but had put me through the wringer a bit. I had a bit of a depleted and spent starting point but I think having done that Tough Mudder a few weeks ago, the adverse weather didn’t worry me too much. Once you have survived being dropped into a skip full of ice and swimming under a barrier to get to the other side rain is just fine. Honestly, today has been more of an endurance test than yesterday, physically I’m broken only by the foggy head and the crappy nights sleep, my legs are fine.

I’ve already written about why I’ve taken to running again. One mum asked me what had happened to me to make me keep signing up to this stuff. I think it’s as simple as the reality I’m happier when I run. I prefer to be happier, like everybody. Looking forward to some longer challenges next year…

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