Scrappy Blanket

22nd June 2016

Scrappy Blanket

I’ve had an additional project going on in the background over the last few weeks. Initially it started out as a discarded granny square I’d begun some time ago that I’d marked out to be a cat blanket I would end up donating at the local animal shelter. I dug it out and thought I’d do something with it.

The beginning of the scrappy blanket


I got the idea that I would use up all the scraps from my other blankets by adding them randomly and see how it turned out. Quite quickly I got really taken with the project and saw it as a great way of de-stashing. I have a shameful stash of yarn that I am currently harbouring and I feel pretty good about turning all these unused bits and pieces of yarn into something useful. I’m desperate to clear my supplies out and only have what I need.


Detail of the blanket

Current progress


I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying the way the colours are working up. Initially I thought I’d stick to dk but as it turns out I’ve thrown all sorts of weights in, sock yarn I thought I’d one day get round to using, random colours I’ve picked up when I first started out crocheting, cotton, 4ply. The fact is I’ve got drawers and drawers of unused yarn and I feel pretty icky about it. I may be close to finishing this one now (I want it to take camping and brighten up the tent, I’ve got an old one for the other bed, my first large crocheting project I ever did) but I’ve for sure got enough yarn to be getting straight on with another one. When I first started out crocheting I acquired yarn like a kid in a candy shop. I didn’t realise I’d have yarn left over from projects or buy yarn for projects I would never start! I’d buy extra when I ordered online, I’d buy skeins impulsively and greedily. If you’re reading this, you probably know the feeling.



I’m almost there on this one and I’m pretty attached to it in all its imperfection. It’s the ideal project to settle on the sofa with and switch off at the end of the day and it’s growing at a satisfying pace. There’s also something about the process when I make a big blanket project that I connect with, which is hard to explain. I’ve made quite a few now and I think I will always remember where these projects sit on my life timeline, what was going on, what my thoughts were, what my challenges were, how I was thinking and also silly things like how the living room was looking, what tv show I was crocheting to, how big the children were.

I’ll be making these kind of infinity granny square blankets with all my scraps from hereon in so expect to see plenty more randomness in the future!

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