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Babette blanket update

1st March 2017

Photograph of the babette crochet blanket I made

When I began this blanket at the end of November I was hoping to add one square per evening. This was my background daily project that would grow slowly and on days where it was difficult to fit in crochet be the thing I would at least be getting further with.

As it turned out, with December being as busy as it usually is, this didn’t quite happen. The larger squares can take around half an hour to finish and that sometimes just doesn’t fit at the end of the day. At least two out of seven evenings in the week I generally don’t get anywhere near any kind of evening routine. However I have been plugging away at this. I can usually find at least ten minutes to work on a piece of the puzzle, even if it doesn’t get completed and attached. I love the way that it has come together and the way it lies and gets slowly more substantial.

Image of unfinished afghan babette crochet blanket

There are still around 50 individual squares to work up to get it complete, currently I lay it out on my bed in my room every morning when I make the bed and then pick a colour to add and work up a square in the evening but it won’t be long before I’m picking up the whole piece and taking it down to the sofa to work on a mismatched finishing border to bring it all together.

It’s made me want to work on another for all my scraps where every round is at least one colour. That would take a phenomenal amount of time and the idea of all the ends to weave in is slightly daunting but I’ve added it to the potential project list. For now, this looks like it will be the first big project of 2017 to get finished, a really fantastic way to work through ALOT of yarn.


Afghan Babette

1st December 2016

Photo of the blanket in progress and the pattern grid placed beside

One thing we don’t lack in this house is blankets, or yarn. In an effort to run down my style craft supplies (I have drawers full) I have started a ‘daily babette’. The idea is I add one square to this ever growing blanket everyday following ¬†an afghan babette grid that I found on pinterest.

Photo of the side of the afghan babette blanket


I was told about afghan babettes years ago by a fellow crocheter online, but it has taken until now for me to get around to making one. It is a really really great way to work down a stash. I think it would work with different weights and I love the random patchiness of mixing up a lot of different colours, although you could always stick to a scheme. Adding a lots of variegated yarns to blocks of colour is also quite fun, I like it when the colours change to an almost camo effect.


Close up photo of a corner of the afghan babette blanket


There are a good selection of these grids to find online which you can print out and follow, I’ve also opted to use the join as you go method so I will only have bordering to do when all the squares are completed. I should imagine it will take some time, a few months perhaps. I’ve not counted all the squares, but I am generally getting an extra one sewn on everyday. I’ll get an update post written at the start of the New Year, in the meantime, I think this blanket will be making the occasional appearance on my feed. It’s my week off social now (I talked about this here) but I’ll still be posting in this space if all goes according to plan and have plenty of stuff on the hooks at the moment to write about.