The neon blanket

17th June 2016

Neon Blanket progress 1


This neon blanket got started a few months ago, you’d think it would be done by now, but alas not. Originally I was going to try a join as you go babette for these particular colours, but it just didn’t work for me. I decided on hooking the squares up a bit more uniformly and over the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to work on just this one project. Of course that hasn’t quite worked out, I’ve got a continuous granny square blanket on the go too which I can’t seem to put down in the evenings. I’m just not getting it done quickly enough for me, which I find frustrating because I have a huge list of ideas and projects I can’t wait to get started on. Despite my creative time being interrupted a bit by a post run week of fatigue where I didn’t crochet at all, I have been able to get back to it over the last few days and slowly but surely it’s growing and coming together. There are about 14 more large squares to crochet and then I’ll have moved on to my favourite part, the sewing up and the bordering.




I started this blanket quite a number of months ago and I had great intentions to hook up a couple of squares every day and have it finished in a matter of weeks, ha! jokes! This piece is for a friend, my form buddy from secondary school that I sat next to everyday for registration. I have known him a LONG time. He was my housemate for two years at university and when I saw him last I said ‘sure I’ll make you a blanket.’ I have, in the past swerved any grand crochet gestures, projects just  took me so long to make, but with all the granny square practice I’ve had pieces come together quicker now so they’re going to start being a bit more commonplace. The colours are ‘his’ colours bright pink, bright green and purple.




I’ve reached that point in the make where I can see that I’ve got somewhere but it still feels like an overwhelmingly long way to go. I’ll be honest, I’m bored. I’m bored of sewing in ends – and there are ALOT of them in this. Every round, I weave in the two tails of each colour. Every round I think, I’ll do that trick where you twist the first tail into your stitches so you don’t have to weave it in. Every round I forget to do this.




This is the only photo that picks up the purple. The colour can photograph pretty dark in my other pictures.



But, I do think that the end is in sight for this week, which is exciting.

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