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:: This week ::

24th January 2016

:: What I’m making

Granny Squares

Granny Squares

I’m hooking up a ton of these squares for two baby blanket commissions. Almost at the stitch up. Love the combination

:: Listening to

Adele’s Hello High Contrast bootleg remix. I unashamedly love Adele but I was quite frankly absolutely SICK of listening to ‘Hello’. This has refreshed it somewhat – I definitely like extremely cheesy drum and bass, I find it makes me run faster, I’m not sure this will have quite the right magic but I’m going to enjoy singing along to it with feeling as I run around Brighton (silently. with headphones)

Podcasts: I’ve listened to –  The minimalists, The Mind Palace and the Slow your home podcast. All variations on the theme of intentional living.

:: Reading

A little life - the best book I have read in a VERY long time


Since my last post I finished ‘A little life‘ and ‘Being Mortal‘ – reviews to follow, both were extremely good in their own way. Following that I picked up and finished Marie Kondo’s ‘The life changing magic of tidying‘ – that lady really is the best kind of crackers. I have ‘discarded’ so much from my house this week. I think I’ve ditched close to 200 books. My wardrobe is so minimal I can barely believe it. I have always loved Karen Kingston’s ‘Clear your clutter‘ but something about Kondo’s ‘tidy all at once’ system has worked really well for me, she may have funny ideas about sock abuse (not what you think) but I do quite like her idea that things ‘want’ to be useful and are ‘sad’ if they aren’t fulfilling their purpose. Now I’m onto Alice Miller’s ‘The drama of being a child‘ and I’ve picked up Dan Millman’s ‘The journey’s of Socrates‘.

The life changing magic of tidying up


The Drama of being a child


You can see all the books I’m reading, what’s on my list and what I’ve rated here.

:: Watching

This – if it was a snow day – this would be the way to spend it.

:: Making me happy this week

  • Running – I’m doing the you vs the year challenge on the map my run app. The idea is to run 1000km in 2016. I’ve clocked my target easily this week. I just signed up for a 10k in June and I’m in the ballot to do the Great North run again in September but I’ve definitely got a place in Brighton’s Bright10. I love running and I think because I’m combining this with the Kayla Itsines workout 3 times a week, all those squats and burpees are actually making me faster. Don’t get me wrong, the first 15 minutes are always a bit crappy but then it just feels easier.
  • Rocco. I’m loving our very early morning weekend walks. I tell the dog everything. And he never talks back.

Me & Rocco

  • Editing the stuff in our house. I’ve spent the last week sorting, ditching and donating. I’ve got a fair bit to list and sell yet so the work is not completely done but this house is definitely lighter after all my efforts and it is feeling pretty great to have less.
  • The Way of life app. This app is AMAZING. Up until I got my phone very wet on Friday and it died, I was tracking the following: that I’d had a green drink, meditating, running, writing, reading, listening to the children read, making sure I had made time to play with the kids. When I get my phone back I’ll be posting the tracking @abrilliantme on instagram. It is such an effective way to make sure you hit everything you want to do in a day, I thoroughly recommend it.

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