:: This Week ::

7th February 2016

:: What I’m making


First I started with this, but that’s still not done because then I started this:


Which is growing into this:


:: Listening to

Moderat’s debut from their long awaited new album: Reminder so so good – looking forward to seeing them in April! Woo!

Lewis Howes podcast with Esther Perel ‘on sexual desire and successful relationships in the modern world’, bit of a switch up from my usual podcasts (!) but really interesting. She talks a lot about how so much has changed in the last 60 years. I’d never heard of her before but her TED talk has had 7.5 MILLION views!


:: Reading


Robert M. Drake’s ‘A Brilliant Madness’ – do you follow him on instagram? (@rmdrake) I love it, happy mail. I’ve got a teenage crush love for his writing.

:: Watching

Last week I watched the whole of season 1 Friends. I’m about halfway through Season 2. What is the point in watching anything else? I just watched the one about lobsters where Ross got changed to go to Rachel’s prom, reliving all the storylines is joyful.

:: Making me happy this week

  • My nana moved to a care home this week. After reading ‘Being Mortal‘ I was a bit nervous about what it would be like. I took Ruby  there today and she said it reminded her of the hotel we stayed at in Disneyland. There are dogs there too. I think that basically sums it up. All the great things Gawande picked up on how elderly care can be good are in place there. A big relief and comfort for everybody including nana.
  • I have run 100km so far this year in my 1000km in 2016 challenge!

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