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6th March 2016

:: What I’m making
Bold Blankets


I’m just finishing off the bold blankets I started earlier on in the year. I love these. Modern, but crisp, and though almost imperceptibly different shades of blue and green they really have their own look.


Gorgeous blanket


Have also still been working on this gorgeous bright one. It will be listed in my etsy shop this week. I think the colours are great together. This would be my pick if I got to have a third child and didn’t have to just make do with the dog.


:: Listening to

How to overcome information overwhelm” from the Lewis Howes Podcast. ‘Is what I’m doing right now in my life fun, impactful or profitable?” – it’s only 4 minutes and it’s actually changed the way I think about anything I think about.

:: Reading



:: The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George – light relief I got to tell you, after A Little Life and Gloria Steinem’s ‘My Life on the Road‘ (note to self: I really ought to blog about that book). It’s sort of lovely and fanciful and ridiculously surreal in that European Amelie kind of way.

:: I also read this article in the guardian about narcissism. Which, considering I posted TEN pictures on instagram today was of particular fascination to me. I took the Narcissistic Personality Inventory they suggested and scored a 10 out of 40. Even that concerns me! However there was one particular thing that I wasn’t sure about in this write up. Narcissists are apparently really assertive that they are narcissists and justify it with their outward belief it makes them succeed. Er… no… I know droves of them that have the facade of humility whilst posting endless and NUMEROUS duckface/ pouting drivel under the shameless selfie umbrella. Now, I know, for sure, I am pretty guilty of filling instagram with ‘my moments’, so the intention behind them and the ultimate value of posts are something I give a lot of significant thought to. Frankly, as well, I have to weigh this up with an admission that my personal level of narcissism has actually hit the roof this year – I’ve been working through the middle aged rite of passage of GETTING. IN. SHAPE. and I got to tell you, I’M IN BETTER SHAPE THAN PRE KIDS. (No mean feat mind,) I could probably, if given the chance, not shut up about it.  But I really feel I am hugely removed from some people I have been facebook friends with that take between 10 and 20 photos of their face at any one time and post to their timeline just because they’re going out/got their hair done, and I hope, BEYOND, that I cannot be bracketed with them. Equally there are people in my orbit whose face I see so frequently on their own feed that I have definitely judged as they clearly rate themselves too frickin’ much without restriction. None of them are screaming “I’m a narcissist!” but THEY ARE. The Katie Hopkins and Donald Trump examples made me sad, it furthered my understanding that people will be and do anything for a reaction. The fact is, if Katie Hopkin’s was floating in the sea, adrift, escaping conflict, though she’s peddled the most despicable of incendiary writing, many of us, for sure, would pick her out the water. I’m not saying some might not do this without talking themselves out of pissing on her first but the vast majority have a far elevated degree of humanity than she clearly believes she possesses. Despite having to think about Katie Hopkins, I do think it’s worth a read. And do the test.

:: This article, on how, as a society, we are learning to buy less stuff. It sits directly alongside my very protracted and long winded house declutter (we had ALOT of stuff) and shift in thinking about buying stuff. I’m seeing James Wallman speak next month here in Brighton which I’m looking forward to. Repeat: Experiences! Not things!

:: Watching

:: Er… friends… I’m well over halfway through season 4. I’ve actually managed to find an entire episode I had never seen before!!!! Was like unearthing treasure, no joke.

:: Spotlight – I don’t know where to start with my gratitude I have nothing further to do with the catholic church but the premise and truth of this film might be it. Of course then I’d have to probably renounce the BBC, but, truly, this really is a shameful and sadly truthful coverup of scores of child abuse. A difficult but necessary watch.

:: Cooked – Michael Pollan’s docu series on netflix about our modern relationship with food and how it affects our sociability and health. “We are the species that cooks… When we learnt to cook is when we became truly human”. Recommended.

:: This TED Talk about the refugee crisis by Alexander Betts. We have international treaties written up as to how to respond to humanitarian crisis. Migration is not going to go away. With climate change, it will continue. “There’s nothing inevitable about refugees being a cost, they’re human beings with skills, talents, aspirations, with the ability to make contributions, if we let them”. This is a 20 minute eye opener.

:: Making me happy this week

Dog brothers together

Walking the dog brothers together

Ninja George


Too many moments regarding the kids. Ruby’s strength with circus school, gym and learning butterfly stroke at swimming, then George getting graded for ninja. Had a pretty fun time freezing my tits off at the local aqua disco with them too.


West Pier


Beachside runs – I hit 200km of my 1000km target for 2016 this week.


Me and the kids


Hanging out with the kiddos this mothers day. And then ignoring them while I drank wine and sat in the kitchen writing this.

Roll on next week…

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