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:: This Week ::

13th March 2016

:: Making ::

Granny Squares


I’ve been feeling really run down this week so have been settling in front of the TV with this granny square blanket mostly. It’s for my friend Lucy who I have known since I went to playgroup! She is due next month. So far I’ve made some progress but this crappy sore throat thing is messing with my productivity in a big way – hopefully I’ll get to finish it this week.


New modern baby blanket order


I’m also working on a new baby blanket order.


New baby blanket order


I love how the colours are working up on this one. You can see more of my blankets here or get in touch on instagram to get a baby blanket made.

:: Reading ::

I’m still reading The Little Paris Bookshop – I can’t read when I’m run down, can you? I much prefer to switch off and watch something on the TV.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s life changing story from Indonesia (That you haven’t heard) – A lovely story about being human from one of my favourite writers. This one is heartwarming. Have you ever had a stranger take care of you like that?

Philosophy’s True Home – An article on where modern philosophy fits within other disciplines, that it’s not isolated from other disciplines but intrinsic to them. It just made me want to read the book – when I’ll actually get round to reading my first philosophical book since university is a completely different matter.

:: Watching ::

Love on netflix – there were so many funny lines in this show. It was over too quick.

:: Making me happy this week ::

Rainbow baby blanket


I sent off this blanket to one of my ‘instagram fam’ for her new baby and she’s really pleased with it which makes me extremely happy. Instagram is a strange old platform – having been on there 4 years I’ve watched babies being born, houses being refurbished, people moving house, going on holiday, I watch what they make, where they work. It’s a special albeit weird kind of connection witnessing all the highlights.

Rocco and the West Pier


I had one day this week where Rocco and Gwyn and I walked into town, drank coffee in the Lanes and sat on the beach. We did no housework, no stupid house admin, nothing except eat and hang out with no children, i.e. – no responsibility. Those days are rare.


Ruby and George at the beach


Another rare sunny day – where we all went for a walk and picnicked at the beach.


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