This week

:: This week ::

31st July 2016

:: Making ::

Crochet squares


I’ve been working on this blanket for a few weeks now, with 8 colour changes the blocks don’t work up particularly quickly. The pattern is the circle square from “100 Bright and colourful Granny Squares” by Leonie Morgan – I’ve just added an extra DC border.

Rhubarb Chutney


I also made a rhubarb chutney in the slow cooker.


:: Reading ::

I just finished up Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Committed” – it reads as meditation on western marriage compared with other culture’s, whether it’s important, why we feel it validates us and our relationships, what value it adds to society, all in relation to the fact her second marriage is very much forced so her brazilian australian partner can reside with her in the U.S. I began this a couple of weeks after I learnt that they have very recently filed for divorce.

This article about Haruki Murakami’s work on running which I wrote about here.

:: Watching ::

I don’t think I’ve watched anything on TV all week. It’s the first week of the summer holidays! I’m running around all day and collapsing in the evening! I did watch the BFG today in 3D at the cinema, it was everything I’d want out of a family film in that the children laughed and stayed captivated throughout but though the special effects were spectacular it fell very short in the delivery for me. I never felt particularly connected to the character of Sophie, I never felt overwhelmed with delight at their curious and poignant friendship. It lacked overall chemistry. The portrayal of the BFG I couldn’t fault but I could have missed seeing it on the big screen in all honesty.

:: Making me happy this week ::

My two at the beach


Settling into the holidays. Today was the second time this week they’ve been in the sea. The temperature just doesn’t bother them, they could sit there for hours.




Spotting butterflies on my walks with Rocco. I’ve lucked out taking pictures of butterflies this season. I’m holding out to spot a peacock, my absolute favourite. If you’re in Sussex too, I found this great site which has plenty of pictures and sightings if you t00 start to feel a bit nerdy about butterflies like me.

Sussex sky


I’m pretty happy I managed to run 21 miles this week despite the holidays and now we’ve settled into more of a rhythm I’m starting to feel a little more organised so I’m sure I’ll be able to work in a few more miles next week. I set myself the challenge in January to run 1000km and I’m at 634 as of this weeks end.

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