This week

:: This week ::

18th September 2016

:: Making ::

Caro Created Mandala Number 7


As I’ve “been in recovery” from last weekend’s Great North Run I have let myself off the hook for running this week. Instead I’ve been at home, avoiding housework and either reading or crocheting.

This mandala is made from Caro Created’s Crochet Overlay Mandala Number 7 Pattern and according to instagram I started it 6 months ago. It felt like a good time to finally sit down and finish it. So that’s what I did, at the kitchen table, listening to podcasts. I stopped 10 rounds shy of ‘the end’ because I felt it didn’t need any more added to it, once I get it mounted on something suitable I’ll blog the whole piece.

Yarn bombs


I also got started on my yarn bombs piece, now I’m just awaiting some extra yarn so I can continue with it.


:: Reading ::

Helen Russell on Denmark’s approach to their loved ones.

This list of 101 ways to avoid stress written by a teacher for her students that went viral. (79 & 98 …BOOM)

When Breath Becomes Air

The Danish Way of Parenting


:: Watching ::

TED Lidia Yuknavitch: The beauty of being a misfit.



:: What’s been making me happy ::

The dogs


This picture of the dogs all looking the right way.


Brighton Beach


Spending time on the beach. Heading there after school on Wednesday with Ruby and watching her play in the waves. I can’t actually believe that was all this week when I consider HOW COLD I WAS watching George play football on Saturday.

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